LG 24GM79G Review: 144 Hz Full HD Freesync Gaming Monitor

When it comes to gaming, we are very judgmental in selecting the right combination. Have you ever had confusion in deciding the perfect blend of CPU and monitor? I don’t think so because usually, everyone goes for a high-end CPU while the monitor compensates for the total cost. A typical monitor can hamper your gaming life. If you want to pick top notch gaming monitor to enhance your gaming experience, read this guide. Nowadays, the widespread popularity of 4k monitors has resulted in the manufacture of some cost-effective products. You would definitely want the best value for the price if you are on a budget. LG has produced one of the best entry-level monitors at only 299 dollars with a year warranty. The LG 24GM79G 144Hz Full HD monitor cares equally about your wallet and entertainment.

Why choose LG 24GM79G 144Hz Full HD monitor

The visual aspects of gaming are dependent on both monitor and graphics card. Hence, you must be very selective while purchasing a gaming monitor. Your gaming visual experience relies upon your monitor’s size, resolution, panel features, and responsiveness of pixels. This monitor is the perfect blend of price and quality. It has a full high definition (1920 x 1080) 24-inch display with an adjustable display stand. The adjustment of the display allows a better viewing angle. A fast counter time on 1ms means smooth gameplay without any missing frames.

You don’t have to worry about the darkness inside any games thanks to the Black Stabilizer. This feature marks any low light places inside the game. As a result, you are able to take that headshot in PUBGY smoothly. An average contrast ratio of 1121 allows you to play first-person shooter games vividly. Good news for all the Radon fans is that they can avail free synchronization with this monitor. The availability of three gaming mode allows you to modify your settings according to your graphics requirements. There is a major feature known as Dynamic Action Sync which reduces all sort of visual glitches.

Downsides of LG 24GM79G 144Hz Full HD Monitor

 By now, you must be wondering about the cons of this device. Well, there are no major drawbacks expect some. The quality of the image is not as defined as its other competitors like ASUS VG248QE or Acer GN246HL Bid. This is because of its TN panel. There are very rare reports of faulty display conditions initially. You would notice some vertical lines while gaming if you are too close to the monitor.
Apart from not having an IPS display, every other feature of this monitor is perfect at this price. It has some unique features such as plug and play and key lock system. Although, it is highly in demand for first-person shooter games such as CSGO, Front Fire and Far Cry 5 it is adaptive to all types of games. LG 24GM79G is not only budgeting friendly but also very efficient in terms of energy consumption. It is at least 1.25 times greater in terms of power efficiency compared to other monitors. Therefore, without any further ado, you must have a glance at this masterpiece. Therefore, head to your shop today so you can buy this.

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