Top 5 Free Movie Streaming Apps

Movie streaming is one of the most popular leisure activity that our millennium has ever done. Gone is the era of downloading torrents just to watch a movie. They still exist, but as the smartphone and tablet industry continue to improve and innovate, being mobile is the best option for a free movie distribution platform can be.


With the increase in data allocations and speed of data transfer, most smartphones can actually stream even 1080p movies over the internet. But the question is where can you watch and stream movies on your device? While there are multiple browsers based streaming sites, most of the time, you will be bombarded with ads and cookies that you might not like.

So the Only option you have is to directly have an application that lets you stream directly. Let’s look at some of the top rated streaming apps that give free download or free access ( Based on app store and google store rating and number of downloads)

1. Showbox – is available for iOS app store however it can be directly downloaded via apk for android users from the website, while its being android only kinda sucks it is still the best and highest rated streaming app out there. Because it also lets you download content directly using the app. With countless choices of movies and TV series alike you will definitely enjoy having Showbox as part of your core leisure apps.

2. TerrariumTv – another app available only for Android but offers a different way of streaming choices, as the apps host movies and tv series from cloud spaces like Google drives and such, the number of movies and TV series you can choose from is literally endless, you may even find some older series and movies you used to love during your childhood. And to top it off you can directly fetch subtitles.

3. MovieHD – available on both Android and iOS it is about similar to Showbox. It is over all a good app to have. Decent rating and a healthy number of downloads prove that MovieHD is definitely a good choice as well, especially for iOS because streaming apps for apple products is limited.

4. TubiTV – Boasting, rating, and thousands of downloads, TubiTV’s 40000+ title choices that include Asian drama and action movies as well is well worth the download. Keeping functions maximum at less or almost no cost. This is a great app as well as it is available for not only Android and iOS, the game console also has access to this app!

5. Crackle – one of the good choices all around Crackle offers a wide variety of choices due to its huge amount of categories. Although available only for android, and it also doesn’t have the download content option, its vast array of choices will surely contain titles that other apps will definitely not have.

Overall choosing the best app will depend on the kinds of movies that you want to stream. One such app is Movie Box. Movie Box offers most reliable and stable streaming servers. Most offer up to date movies while others host even the oldest one. Remember that you can have more than one application. And 2~3 apps will definitely cover all you movie cravings at any given time. In this era of mobility and ease of access these apps definitely are a necessity for a movie fan and stream freaks out there.

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