Five Steps To Contribute To a Healthy Environment

An environment refers to the surrounding in which a person stays. A healthy environment contributes to a healthy living. Unlike a polluted environment that predisposes people and animals as well as plants to diseases. Therefore, the environment should be kept clean at all times. Below are some of the ways that contribute to a healthy environment.


First, you should minimize driving to school or work. Alternatively, you can cycle or walk. This is because a car produces carbon gas that is harmful to a person’s health in the long run. Carbon gas also affects plants and animals. The presence of carbon in the environment reduces the amount of oxygen. In addition, skipping driving cuts down on the energy consumption that in turn benefits the environment.

In order to overcome environmental pollution, all plastic bags should either be recycled or reused. Recycling reduces the probability of throwing away the non-biodegradable plastic bags in to the environment. These plastic bags take years to decompose and mostly they never decompose. Instead, they make the environment polluted and risky to the people. We can use plastic bags as recyclable materials. These plastic bags possess danger to the soil animals, the quality of air and the general cleanliness of the water .

More so, buying locally also helps in improving the environment. Farmers play an important role in maintaining the agricultural landscape as well as the farmland. In the process of cultivating the land, they produce nourishment to the soil animals. These are the micro-animals that contribute to growth of trees and other plants as well as degradation of biodegradable products into harmless materials. Buying locally also saves the environment by reducing the amount of energy consumption and pollution caused by vehicles to transport food.

Tree planting is the most important activity when it comes to a healthy environment. Trees help in maintaining the quality of air as well as making the water clean. Trees absorb the carbon produced by the vehicles and in turn release the oxygen they have into the environment. Their roots also help in holding the soil together reducing the rate of soil erosion.

Lastly, going clean and planting trees is one of the home remedies for a healthy environment. Unlike the many commercial cleaning products that contain toxic chemicals, homemade products are environmental friendly with less toxic chemicals. Therefore, the whole population should adopt using these products always for they are harmless.

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