LG 24GM79G Review: 144 Hz Full HD Freesync Gaming Monitor

When it comes to gaming, we are very judgmental in selecting the right combination. Have you ever had confusion in deciding the perfect blend of CPU and monitor? I don’t think so because usually, everyone goes for a high-end CPU while the monitor compensates for the total cost. A typical monitor can hamper your gaming life. If you want to pick top notch gaming monitor to enhance your gaming experience, read this guide. Nowadays, the widespread popularity of 4k monitors has resulted in the manufacture of some cost-effective products. You would definitely want the best value for the price if you are on a budget. LG has produced one of the best entry-level monitors at only 299 dollars with a year warranty. The LG 24GM79G 144Hz Full HD monitor cares equally about your wallet and entertainment.

Why choose LG 24GM79G 144Hz Full HD monitor

The visual aspects of gaming are dependent on both monitor and graphics card. Hence, you must be very selective while purchasing a gaming monitor. Your gaming visual experience relies upon your monitor’s size, resolution, panel features, and responsiveness of pixels. This monitor is the perfect blend of price and quality. It has a full high definition (1920 x 1080) 24-inch display with an adjustable display stand. The adjustment of the display allows a better viewing angle. A fast counter time on 1ms means smooth gameplay without any missing frames.

You don’t have to worry about the darkness inside any games thanks to the Black Stabilizer. This feature marks any low light places inside the game. As a result, you are able to take that headshot in PUBGY smoothly. An average contrast ratio of 1121 allows you to play first-person shooter games vividly. Good news for all the Radon fans is that they can avail free synchronization with this monitor. The availability of three gaming mode allows you to modify your settings according to your graphics requirements. There is a major feature known as Dynamic Action Sync which reduces all sort of visual glitches.

Downsides of LG 24GM79G 144Hz Full HD Monitor

 By now, you must be wondering about the cons of this device. Well, there are no major drawbacks expect some. The quality of the image is not as defined as its other competitors like ASUS VG248QE or Acer GN246HL Bid. This is because of its TN panel. There are very rare reports of faulty display conditions initially. You would notice some vertical lines while gaming if you are too close to the monitor.
Apart from not having an IPS display, every other feature of this monitor is perfect at this price. It has some unique features such as plug and play and key lock system. Although, it is highly in demand for first-person shooter games such as CSGO, Front Fire and Far Cry 5 it is adaptive to all types of games. LG 24GM79G is not only budgeting friendly but also very efficient in terms of energy consumption. It is at least 1.25 times greater in terms of power efficiency compared to other monitors. Therefore, without any further ado, you must have a glance at this masterpiece. Therefore, head to your shop today so you can buy this.

Best 3 Methods To Solve Hard Water Problems

No matter which best water softeners out there you choose, all of the water softeners are based upon some methods of water softening. Even though treatment for hard water can be done through various methods, most of the best water softeners out there follow the top 3 best methods to solve hard water problems as these top 3 methods are efficient when it comes to treating hard water.

So if you are interested to know the methods that are used within the best water softeners out there, today we bring the top 3 best methods to solve hard water problems and they:


Best 3 Methods To Solve Hard Water Problems

No matter which method is used to treat hard water, the aim is to remove the “hard minerals” from the hard water, thus basically making the treated water more suitable for household purposes.

1.    Ion Exchange Method:

The most common method for hard water treatment is ion exchange and this is also the oldest method available. In this method, we directly try to exchange the hard minerals that are present in hard water, like Magnesium and Calcium, for soft minerals like Sodium and Potassium.

When it comes to water softeners that use ion exchange method, the softener tank used will have a “resin” within the tank that features the soft minerals in ion form. When the hard water passes through the tank, the resin reacts with the hard minerals present in the hard water and in the reaction hard minerals are traded for soft minerals thus treating the hard water and making it soft water.

Once the resin loses the soft mineral content, it needs to be replaced in the tank to continue the water softening process.

2.    Distillation:

Distillation is the process of heating the water until it reaches to evaporate and then cooling it back to liquid form. It is considered as the best way to purify water from all the germs. But distillation not only kills most of the bacteria and other germs present in the water but also treats hard water as well.

Once the water is evaporated and then condensed, all the hard minerals like Magnesium and Calcium are removed from the water. Distillation is also considered the cheapest water softening treatment out there.

Some water softeners use distillation as the method to purify as well as treat the hard water.

3.    Reverse Osmosis:

Another really common technique used to solve hard water problem is reverse osmosis. This technique is also called as membrane technology.

In this method, water is pressurized at around 40 PSI and is made to pass through an osmotic chamber membrane. This membrane has pores that are tiny enough to let the water pass through but will capture the hard minerals present in the water.

Thus, the water that passes through the membrane and reaches the other side will be free of any hard minerals.

Final Words:

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Top 5 Free Movie Streaming Apps

Movie streaming is one of the most popular leisure activity that our millennium has ever done. Gone is the era of downloading torrents just to watch a movie. They still exist, but as the smartphone and tablet industry continue to improve and innovate, being mobile is the best option for a free movie distribution platform can be.


With the increase in data allocations and speed of data transfer, most smartphones can actually stream even 1080p movies over the internet. But the question is where can you watch and stream movies on your device? While there are multiple browsers based streaming sites, most of the time, you will be bombarded with ads and cookies that you might not like.

So the Only option you have is to directly have an application that lets you stream directly. Let’s look at some of the top rated streaming apps that give free download or free access ( Based on app store and google store rating and number of downloads)

1. Showbox – is available for iOS app store however it can be directly downloaded via apk for android users from the website, while its being android only kinda sucks it is still the best and highest rated streaming app out there. Because it also lets you download content directly using the app. With countless choices of movies and TV series alike you will definitely enjoy having Showbox as part of your core leisure apps.

2. TerrariumTv – another app available only for Android but offers a different way of streaming choices, as the apps host movies and tv series from cloud spaces like Google drives and such, the number of movies and TV series you can choose from is literally endless, you may even find some older series and movies you used to love during your childhood. And to top it off you can directly fetch subtitles.

3. MovieHD – available on both Android and iOS it is about similar to Showbox. It is over all a good app to have. Decent rating and a healthy number of downloads prove that MovieHD is definitely a good choice as well, especially for iOS because streaming apps for apple products is limited.

4. TubiTV – Boasting, rating, and thousands of downloads, TubiTV’s 40000+ title choices that include Asian drama and action movies as well is well worth the download. Keeping functions maximum at less or almost no cost. This is a great app as well as it is available for not only Android and iOS, the game console also has access to this app!

5. Crackle – one of the good choices all around Crackle offers a wide variety of choices due to its huge amount of categories. Although available only for android, and it also doesn’t have the download content option, its vast array of choices will surely contain titles that other apps will definitely not have.

Overall choosing the best app will depend on the kinds of movies that you want to stream. One such app is Movie Box. Movie Box offers most reliable and stable streaming servers. Most offer up to date movies while others host even the oldest one. Remember that you can have more than one application. And 2~3 apps will definitely cover all you movie cravings at any given time. In this era of mobility and ease of access these apps definitely are a necessity for a movie fan and stream freaks out there.

Five Steps To Contribute To a Healthy Environment

An environment refers to the surrounding in which a person stays. A healthy environment contributes to a healthy living. Unlike a polluted environment that predisposes people and animals as well as plants to diseases. Therefore, the environment should be kept clean at all times. Below are some of the ways that contribute to a healthy environment.


First, you should minimize driving to school or work. Alternatively, you can cycle or walk. This is because a car produces carbon gas that is harmful to a person’s health in the long run. Carbon gas also affects plants and animals. The presence of carbon in the environment reduces the amount of oxygen. In addition, skipping driving cuts down on the energy consumption that in turn benefits the environment.

In order to overcome environmental pollution, all plastic bags should either be recycled or reused. Recycling reduces the probability of throwing away the non-biodegradable plastic bags in to the environment. These plastic bags take years to decompose and mostly they never decompose. Instead, they make the environment polluted and risky to the people. We can use plastic bags as recyclable materials. These plastic bags possess danger to the soil animals, the quality of air and the general cleanliness of the water .

More so, buying locally also helps in improving the environment. Farmers play an important role in maintaining the agricultural landscape as well as the farmland. In the process of cultivating the land, they produce nourishment to the soil animals. These are the micro-animals that contribute to growth of trees and other plants as well as degradation of biodegradable products into harmless materials. Buying locally also saves the environment by reducing the amount of energy consumption and pollution caused by vehicles to transport food.

Tree planting is the most important activity when it comes to a healthy environment. Trees help in maintaining the quality of air as well as making the water clean. Trees absorb the carbon produced by the vehicles and in turn release the oxygen they have into the environment. Their roots also help in holding the soil together reducing the rate of soil erosion.

Lastly, going clean and planting trees is one of the home remedies for a healthy environment. Unlike the many commercial cleaning products that contain toxic chemicals, homemade products are environmental friendly with less toxic chemicals. Therefore, the whole population should adopt using these products always for they are harmless.